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(8212) 29-37-00 secretary,
(8212) 29-38-48 secretary fax,
(8212) 29-37-72 plywood sales,
(8212) 29-37-77 chipboard sales
66, Ukhtinskoe ave.
Syktyvkar, 167026
Komi rep., Russia



New Lamarty decors New decors Lamarty 2016/2017 were presented at the conference in Altai Republic

New CEO of Syktyvkar Plywood Mill LTD May 24, 2016 Viatkin Matvei Vladimirovich was appointed CEO of Syktyvkar plywood Mill LTD.

Lamarty warns and advises keep out of unprincipled companies

We took the 1st place in the rating of the socioeconomic project «Nation elite»

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