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Фанера     Syktyvkar Plywood Mill ltd. (SPM) News В ГОСТ добавлен камерный метод измерения формальдегида


2008-09-23: A chamber method of measuring formaldehyde was added to the State Standards

MFC Lamarty conforms to the tightened requirements of the State Standards to measuring formaldehyde level.

In July 2008 amendment № 1 to State Standards for MFC production came into operation. The amendment affacted us in a method of formaldehyde measuring - a chamber method was added. With this approach samples are putted into the closed chamber and aired. The air circulates under fixed speed, temperature and humidity. In a given time an air sample is taken for measuring formaldehyde content in it. The chamber method is considered to be harder than the perforating one and requires special equipment which costs around 2,5 mil rub

Because of the changes in the State Standards samples of MFC had to be recertified. A new certificate of MFC conformity to the State Standard requirements was gotten.