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2017-07-06: The first Syktyvkar plywood mill LTD certificate of conformity to requirements of CARB for PB/MFC

For the first time Syktyvkar plywood mill LTD has received confirmation of compliance to CARB requirements (California Air Resources Board).

2 June 2017, Syktyvkar plywood mill LTD has received certificate number 1155-2017-06-TRS-4 from Fraunhofer-Institute for Wood Research , confirming the compliance of the manufactured particle board of type P2 (thickness 16 and 18 mm) to requirements of article § 93120 section 17 of the Code of the rules of the state California phase 2 (СARB CALIFORNIA). This certificate required in Europe and North America, provides for quarterly audit by the certification body of laboratory control of the formaldehyde content in boards, and also of the production process.

Download the current version of the certificate.