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Фанера     Syktyvkar Plywood Mill ltd. (SPM) News 5 000 000 м³ ДСП


2014-09-05: 5 000 000 м³ of chipboard

It is mill's jubilee this September. But it's not an anniversary, it is a five-million cubic metre issue!

On 5 September we produced a five-million cubic meter of chipboard,- says the foreman of the chipboard workshop Nikolay Trofimov. The production startup dates back to the 1976. It took us 14 years to produce the first million. The second one we managed to do in 11 years. The third one - in eight, the fourth - in four and a half. The five-million cubic meter we've made up in 4 years. We are really proud of that. It cost us great efforts to achieve such success - a production quality improvement, a constant equipment modernization and professional improvement of highly qualified personnel.

My congratulations to the workshop personnel and to the whole Syktyvkar Plywood Mill !
I appreciate and treat with respect professionalism of our toilers.  Wish you unclouded happiness, peace, stability, welfare, optimism and to be in the best of spirits!
Chief Executive Officer
Valeriy Maximovich Garbuzyuk

5 000 000 м³ of chipboard