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Фанера     Syktyvkar Plywood Mill ltd. (SPM) News Lamarty E0,5 - европейский уровень безопасности


2012-09-05: Lamarty E0,5 - safety at the European level

We grasped the production technology of the chipboard with the low content of formaldehyde ( emission class Е 0,5 ).

In August 2012 the Ltd. «Syktyvkar Plywood Mil» grasped the production technology of the chipboard with emission class Е 0,5. Furniture made of MFC Lamarty conforms to the European standards on formaldehyde emission E 0.5 and meet modern quality requirements.

Most of the furniture is made of MFC, in production of which formaldehyde is used, a harmful to man substance that evolves to the atmosphere. Emission rate of formaldehyde depends on the temperature and the indoor air humidity: the higher the temperature, the more the emission rate. To minimize the emission rate all the open details of MFC are faced with the protective film on the ends. Formaldehyde emission class, which shows formaldehyde content in 100g of chipboard, determines the level of chipboard's ecological safety. Emission class is marked with the letter E and appropriate number (0; 0,5; 1; 2). The less the number, the less the content of formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is a chemical compound of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, which is a colourless gas with the sharp odor in concentrated form. It is a cancerogenic substance which is toxic, causes allergy, has negative impact on the genetic material, reproductive organs, respiratory tracts, eyes, skin.