E 0,5

Eco-friendly MFC Lamarty

In August 2012 Ltd. Syktyvkar Plywood Mill launched production of chipboard with emission class Е 0,5. Furniture made of MFC Lamarty conforms to European standards on formaldehyde emission and meets modern quality requirements.

Most part of furniture made of MFC contains formaldehyde - a harmful to man substance that is released to the atmosphere. Emission rate of formaldehyde depends on temperature and on indoor air humidity: the higher temperature, the more emission rate. To minimize emission rate all open details of MFC are faced with a protective film at the edges. Formaldehyde emission class, which reflects the norm of formaldehyde content in 100g of dry chipboard, determines the level of chipboard's ecological safety. Emission class is marked with the letter E and the corresponding number (0; 0,5; 1; 2). The lower emission class number, the less formaldehyde content.

Formaldehyde which is a chemical compound of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, is a colorless gas with the sharp odor in a concentrated form. It is a cancerogenic toxic substance which causes allergy, has a negative impact on genetic material, reproductive organs, respiratory tracts, eyes and skin.

Advertising concept

The concept of environmental compatibility Lamarty E0,5 - Your furniture may be surprising! May the nature be with you! Ecology of your home

1. Modern MFC allow you to create a truly eco-friendly furniture - the furniture, where there is a comfort for plants and animals. The furniture...

The concept of sustainability of Lamarty E0,5

In this visualization of the advertising concept promoted environmentally friendly laminated chipboard Lamarty the cute little red-haired girl with...

The concept of sustainability of Lamarty E0,5

In this visualization of the advertising concept promotion of the environmentally friendly laminated chipboard Lamarty poor cat in a gas mask suffers...

Certificates of quality

Certificate of Conformity of MFC and chipboard (Type P2) of formaldehyde emission class E0,5 of Ltd. "SPM" to the State Standard requirements and technical specifications

Ltd. "SPM" production; - chipboard (Type P2) and E1 formaldehyde emission class - meet technical specifications 5534-004-44769167-12

Valid to 19.06.2021

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