SyPly Lamarty

Colored film-faced SyPly™

  Original facing for durable and ecological material!

Syktyvkar film-faced plywood finds application in conditions of high temperature drop, influence of moisture and detergent cleaning. It has lightweight, resistant to corrosion attack, easily combined with other materials and simple in processing. Filmfacing of plywood and edge treatment by waterproof paint ensure the water-and wear-resistance. Northern wood provides special durability of the panel, coating with high-quality import films ensures hardness and damage resistance. These properties make our plywood irreplaceable in conditions of the open environment.
Film-faced panels` surface is high water- and wear resistant. These properties provide outdoor application: children playgrounds, stadiums, show constructions and fencings. Ecological safety, moisture tolerance and resistance to detergents of the film-faced plywood avail application in packing manufacture, producing of shopping outfit (shopboards, stands). The wide range of different colors make the film-faced plywood popular in furniture manufacture (children and kitchen furniture), interior decoration, music halls and gyms, boarding of transport vehicles (busses, trailers, campers).
Why choose Syktyvkar plywood?
  • available in different color and film density
  • resistant to moisture, chemicals and detergents
  • opportunity of combination with other materials
  • exclusive hard-wearing and durability
  • fast mounting and easy processing
  • internal & external decoration
  • labware, storage equipment, and shopping outfit (shopboards, stands)
  • music halls & gyms
  • furniture manufacture
  • children playgrounds
  • shipbuilding
  • vehicle industry
  • packing

Specification according to TU 5512-002-44769167-98
Dimensions, mm 2440 х 1220, 1220 x 2440, 2500 х 1250, 1250 x 2500
Thickness, mm 6.5, 9.0, 12.0, 15.0, 18.0, 21.0, 24.0, 27.0, 30.0
Tolerance on length (width) +/- 2mm
Grade of face veneer 1, 1/2, 2
Number of plies from 5 up to 21 depending on thickness
Surface color in assortment
Edges processing by waterproof acrylic paint
Basis birch plywood
Formaldehyde emission class E1 (up to 8 mg per 100g of bone dry plywood)
Water resistance WBP mark
Moisture content, max 5-12 %
Ultimate shearing strength not less 1.5 MPa (birch base), not less 1.0 MPa (KOMBI base)
Ultimate tensile strength not less 40 MPa
Ultimate creasing strength not less 60 MPa
Certification DIN 68705-3, EN 13986, EN 636-3, Russian hygienic certificate (WBP only), Russian standard GOST


18 October 2016

Plywood production

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